Welcome to Week 55!

Happy Thursday. The theme this week is “highly technical”:

  1. Raph Koster Emulation Projects 🕹 - Raph Koster is a legendary game designer and has a retro gaming hobby. This is a collection of game emulation scripts, overlays, and hardware guides.
  2. EXR: Lossless Compression 🗜 - Aras from Unity dove into the world of compression in the OpenEXR format. He benchmarked the available options and then did some experiments using different libraries for Zip compression and decompression.
  3. Reverse-engineering the Mali G78 🔍 - This is a very interesting article about how a group reverse-engineered a new GPU. They used data interception, knowledge from the previous generation architecture, and even hints from an Anandtech article.
  4. Most Underrated Exercise For Defensive Sports in My Opinion - Fridays in The Dense Strength Program 💪 - This is an interesting take on the “good morning” exercise. It’s aimed at building strength for defense in basketball, but I think it is probably good for standing grappling as well.
  5. Guillotine Defence (Lachlan Giles) 🥋 - I recently started training BJJ again and got caught in guillotines a few times already. It wasn’t pleasant so naturally I am learning counters and escapes. I look forward to using the ones in this video 😄.

Questions or comments? Suggestions? Let me know! Thanks for reading and see you next week!