Welcome to Week 5!

I hope you are staying healthy and safe. One month from today marks 5 years since Satoru Iwata passed away. He was the president and CEO of Nintendo. In his memory the first link is about him:

  1. Satoru Iwata 🎮 - Mr.Iwata was a programmer who ended up leading HAL Laboratory and then Nintendo. He worked on a number of my favourite game titles, and even jumped in to help fix code bugs late in his career. He is a personal hero of mine.
  2. Code Review Best Practices by Trisha Gee 💻 - Code Review is a very useful tool, and it has evolved over time. This article is a good overview of the practice.
  3. Be in the Room by Jason Warner 💡 - This article is an inspiring read about personal leadership and also a good tool for dealing with imposter syndrome.
  4. White Belt Takedown by Chewjitsu 🥋 - “Chewy” (yes as in Chewbacca) has a great YouTube channel with lots of BJJ content. This video is about a basic takedown from standing in the Gi. It also features Adam, a silent assistant whose intense but quiet persona still lives on in their recent videos 😁.
  5. Mobify Developer Values 📝 - I worked for Mobify and thought these developer values were inspirational and useful. I still refer to them. I also like how they evolved collaboratively via pull requests.

Do you have any questions or comments? Let me know! Thanks for reading and talk to you next week!