Welcome to Week 48!

Happy Thursday. This week has features an article about billions of messages and another about billions of triangles:

  1. How Discord Indexes Billions of Messages 🔍 - This article walks through the thinking, implementation and launch process Discord went through for text-search support. It’s very valuable information about how their team achieved the feature at scale.
  2. DF Retro: Quake - The Game, The Technology, The Ports, The Legacy 👾 - This is an hour-long documentary about Quake 1. It’s a nice trip down memory lane and I learned some things about the video card race from back then.
  3. A Macro View of Nanite 🎨 - The Unreal Engine 5 preview is out, and one of the main technology innovations is Nanite, their virtualized geometry solution. This articles walks through a Renderdoc capture of a frame rendered in UE5 and analyzes how Nanite works and fits into the rendering pipeline.
  4. Hip Pain, Longevity, And The ATG Split Squat: Knees Over Toes Story #1 💪 - “Knees over Toes Guy” has been making waves on YouTube with exercises aimed at strengthening knees, eliminating knee pain and reducing future injury risk. I first heard of him from a very reputable source, a former colleague Tatham. In this video “Mama knees over toes” talks about her experience doing the ATG training with her son. I’ve been incorporating some of these exercises with good results so far.
  5. Atomic Habits book 📖 - This book kept coming up in podcast interviews, and I recently read it. I enjoyed the structure of the book and definitely recommend it if you are interested in habit formation and/or want to start some new habits, or stop some old ones.

Questions or comments? Suggestions? Let me know! Thanks for reading and see you next week!