Welcome to Week 47!

Hello again! I’m back with the first issue since March. This week has a few topics about graphics, and more:

  1. UE4: My thoughts a year on 📝 - Steve Streeting shares his findings after one year of using Unreal Engine 4. I shared his post on moving from Unity to UE4 in issue #1 of this newsletter.
  2. How Pixar’s Movement Animation Became So Realistic | Movies Insider 🎹 - This is a review of the evolution of animation at Pixar, focusing on the piano-playing in Soul.
  3. Coding Adventure: Marching Cubes 📦 - Marching Cubes is a way of turning voxel data into tessellated triangles, and this is a great 6 minute walk-through.
  4. What factors determine weight-loss maintenance? ⤵️ - This is a “study of studies” and outlines 10 factors that affect long-term weight-loss maintenance.
  5. Optimizing Triangles for a Full-screen Pass 🔺 - This is a fun investigation of “if I am drawing something that covers the entire screen, do I use 2 triangles or one big triangle?”.

Questions or comments? Suggestions? Let me know! Thanks for reading and see you next week!