Welcome to Week 41!

Happy Thursday. This week features a variety of links I would describe as miscellaneous 😄:

  1. Oodle 2.8.14 with Mac ARM64 🏎 - A short post of mostly benchmarking numbers, but it does show the Mac M1 CPU performing extremely well compared to other high-end CPUs.
  2. NES Game Bugs 🐛 - This is an interesting list of known quirks of NES games, which is important information if you are writing a NES emulator. There are some fun behaviours as well when games receive inputs that are physically impossible with the controller (but possible if you are simulating the inputs).
  3. SPUD: Steve’s Persistent Unreal Data library đŸĨ” - If you want to support save/load, or persist world state as your are streaming from one level to another, this library does most of the work for you. It looks very easy to use!
  4. Garment Refitting for Digital Characters 👕 - The rendering in Soul looked amazing, and the folks at Pixar wrote a paper about some technology they wrote for it.
  5. Ikea Hackers 🛋 - I remember back when it was a blogspot blog, and am glad to see it is still around. Learn how to do all sorts of projects using stuff from IKEA.

Questions or comments? Suggestions? Let me know! Thanks for reading and see you next week!