Welcome to Week 40!

Wow, it’s been 40 weeks of Lean Code Weekly. That also means this week we are hitting 200 links! Here are this week’s links:

  1. 12 BJJ Guard Retention Concepts to Make Your Guard Much Harder to Pass 🥋 - This is a free hour of content from an excellent BJJ course I have been going through the last few weeks. Rory’s teaching style strongly resonates with me. He clearly explains a lot of concepts and terms I’ve heard before, but didn’t fully understand. Check it out to learn more!
  2. Designing Your Life (Book) 📖 - This book is about applying design thinking to your life and career choices. It’s a fun read and the exercises are surprisingly profound.
  3. The Story Of The 3DFX Voodoo1 🖥 - This article was a trip down memory lane. I remember dreaming about getting a Voodoo card, and reading about Glide. If you’re not familiar, it’s fun to learn about this part of PC gaming history.
  4. Gym Equipment Is About To Get WAY More Expensive! 🏋️ - Garage Gym Reviews is a fun YouTube channel, and this video explains the various reasons why gym equipment that uses steel will be going up in price in 2021. If you were planning on getting some weights, it might be good to act soon.
  5. Single-file public domain (or MIT licensed) libraries for C/C++ ⚙️ - This is a collection of libraries in the form of single header files, often used for game development. Each one is focused on a particular feature set, like image file loading, font file loading, perlin noise generation and more.

Questions or comments? Suggestions? Let me know! Thanks for reading and see you next week!