Welcome to Week 4!

Hey all, here are your 5 curated tech + fitness links for this week:

  1. Killer Feature: Mode 7 🎮 - The SNES had games like Mario Kart and F-Zero which had a “rotating world”, providing the illusion of 3D. This is a quick overview of the feature behind that effect.
  2. Medito Foundation 🧘‍♀️ - The Medito Foundation has put together free meditation apps for iOS and Android. I’ve been using the iOS one since launch and highly recommend it. I’ve tried a few other ones before, and this is my favourite.
  3. Practical Python Programming 🐍 - A free Python course for programmers new to the language. It’s been continually updated and worked on since 2007. Python always comes in useful. 😁
  4. Discovering AWS 🌐 - AWS has a history of service names that aren’t very clear. This is a recent attempt at describing clearly and concisely, much like the classic AWS in Plain English.
  5. The up-down-left-right Jiu-Jitsu Methodology 🥋 - This video goes over a framework for ‘passing the guard’, a critical part of the martial art. It really opened my eyes about how to choose an order of techniques to be successful.

Do you have any questions or comments? Let me know! Thanks for reading and talk to you next week!