Welcome to Week 39!

Howdy! We’re almost at 40 issues, amazing! Here are your links for the week:

  1. Don’t Store That in a Float ⏱ - A few weeks ago I linked to an article that argued for fixed-point variables for time. This article refers to that discussion, and makes the case for using doubles instead.
  2. How Do You Lead UP the Chain of Command? - Jocko Willink 💡 - Back in issue 22 I linked to a video about Managing Up. This is another take on the same concept. It made me think differently about how to approach some situations.
  3. 5min Boxing Footwork Drill: Follow Along with Punches! 🥊 - fightTIPS is a great YouTube channel and this follow-along video is like your own virtual lesson. Shane demonstrates and shares tips throughout.
  4. Cache coherency primer ⚙️ - It’s useful to know how your CPU is doing things under the hood. It’s especially useful if you are writing high-performance code. As always Fabian explains this stuff very well!
  5. A Better Way to Do the Band Pull Apart 💪 - I was taught this movement by a strength and conditioning coach I worked with in 2013. It was recommended as part of counteracting the “desk shoulder forward-hunch” posture he noticed. I do 2 sets of 10 of these a day.

Questions or comments? Suggestions? Let me know! Thanks for reading and see you next week!