Welcome to Week 38!

Happy Thursday! This week is all about fitness and game design! Enjoy:

  1. The Secret to Marcelo Garcia’s Butterfly Guard Nobody is Talking About 🥋 - I find butterfly guard pretty challenging to pull off. This video clearly explains a fundamental concept that I think will help a lot, once we can all get back to training.
  2. Sigmoid Curves are Game Designers’ Friends 🐍 - There is a joke in the game industry that game designers end up spending most of their time in spreadsheets. This article talks about how you can go beyond linear and exponential curves for a desired player experience.
  3. What is Heart Rate Variability? | The Definitive Guide to HRV ❤️ - I track my HRV every morning, and have noticed how it correlates with how I feel and what I did the previous day. I use the iPhone App from the article author with a Polar chest-strap heart monitor.
  4. Tip: Smoke Your Legs With an EZ-Bar 💪 - I am grateful to now have an ez-bar at home, and it takes up less space than a full olympic bar. Normally associated with bicep curls, you can do a lot more stuff with it!
  5. In-Game Economies in Team Fortress 2 and Dota 2 (Steam Dev Days 2014) 📊 - I find this talk inspirational and aspirational. As a player I appreciate what they presented, and as a developer I would feel much better to design a free-to-play game based on those principles. I know Valve has changed their approach since 2014, but I still like this talk.

Questions or comments? Suggestions? Let me know! Thanks for reading and see you next week!