Welcome to Week 36!

Happy Thursday! This week is mostly about game technology, with a dash of fitness and mental health:

  1. Good Game, Peace Out Rollback Network SDK 🌐 - Back in issue #7 I linked to a GDC talk about rollback networking in fighting games. This is an open-source SDK to help with implementing such an architecture.
  2. The code behind Quake’s movement tricks explained (bunny-hopping, wall-running, and zig-zagging) 👟 - It turns out only a few lines of code are responsible for a number of unintended movement side-effects in Quake! This video explains them.
  3. Strike Clock Mobile App ⏱ - If you are doing training like rounds of shadow-boxing, this is a handy app for tracking rounds, round times and rest times. You can also interact with it with boxing gloves on - covering your front camera will pause and unpause the timer. I often use this app for my training.
  4. Another little note about the Halo Wars engine 👾 - The story of the Age of Empires 3 and Halo Wars engines are surprisingly similar to the engine lineage at Relic. The 360 game The Outfit was their desktop RTS engine trimmed and squished to run on device. Later on, a completely separate engine was developed for Space Marine that was much more suited for consoles.
  5. Dr Valerie Young’s tips for navigating imposter syndrome at home 🧠 - Back in issue #3 I first mentioned the Imposter Syndrome and linked to an article that was based on the book The Secret Thoughts of Successful Women. I recently finished reading the book (it’s excellent) and this is a recent interview with the author where she talks about remote work and the Imposter Syndrome.

Questions or comments? Suggestions? Let me know! Thanks for reading and see you next week!