Welcome to Week 34!

Happy New Years Eve! It’s a time for reflection and planning. This week coincidentally refers back to previous issues:

  1. Making the most of your one-on-one with your manager or other leadership 🤝 - One-on-ones are a useful leadership practice that can greatly benefit both parties. It was covered in the Managers Playbook link I shared way back in issue #2. This article is a quick review of how to maximize your one-on-one time with your manager.
  2. The Lost Art of Structure Packing 📦 - This is a good overview about the sizing and alignment rules for data in C/C++, and has applications to other languages as well. You can quickly experiment with the sample code using the compiler explorer from issue #17. For an example list of classes and their sizes from Unreal Engine 4 check out issue #8.
  3. Digital minimalism 101 📖 - I recently finished reading Digital Minimalism by Cal Newport. Most of the book is justifying the recommendations, so if you’re not convinced, feel free to read it. If you already know that social media and apps are vying for our attention in sometimes unscrupulous ways, this article is a good summary of the actionable parts of the book.
  4. Motion of Spinning Bodies 💫 - Maciej has written another great article about physics simulation. I can’t say I understood all of it, but I still found it more approachable than most articles about math and physics.
  5. 50 Pullups Programme 💪 - I am a fan of pull-ups, and started mentioning them in this newsletter way back in issue #3. This is a program for increasing your maximum. I am about to start it right after pressing send on this issue.

Happy New Year and see you in 2021!

Questions or comments? Suggestions? Let me know! Thanks for reading and see you next week!