Welcome to Week 27!

Happy Thursday! I hope you are staying safe, healthy and strong. Here are your links for the week:

  1. Introducing rust-gpu 🐉 - Embark has started a project to bring Rust to GPU programming. This has some interesting benefits including targeting the GPU, increased code sharing between CPU and GPU code, and more!
  2. My UE4 VCS setup - Gitea + Git + LFS + Locking 🌲 - There is a surprisingly amount of FUD surrounding Git LFS + locking. This a write-up about how to set up Git + locking support for UE4. Steve provides the reasoning behind every decision of this setup, and has been contributing improvements to the UE4 Git Plugin.
  3. Testing Minecraft in Minecraft with Henrik Kniberg – Agile with Jimmy 📦 - Automated testing can be very helpful in software development, but is not standard in game development. This video features a Mojang developer sharing the testing framework used by the Java version of Minecraft.
  4. DIY Dip/pullup belt 💪 - If you’ve been working on your pull-ups, you might be looking to add some weight to make them harder. This is the exact solution I use for pull-ups and dips with extra weight.
  5. Stanford study finds walking improves creativity 🚶‍♀️ - I have to admit this was a topic I sought out an article for. I continue to re-learn the lesson that sometimes taking a walk is the best way to problem-solve.

Questions or comments? Suggestions? Let me know! Thanks for reading and see you next week!