Welcome to Week 26!

Hi! I started this newsletter because I am interested in various topics including martial arts and programming. Though these two seem unrelated, they have systems and are about problem-solving. This week features content about both:

  1. Why You Lose to Someone Less Experienced 🥋 - Jon Thomas (a BJJ black-belt) talks about training mindset, and all the factors involved with winning a BJJ match. I think it can apply to more than martial arts. He has some good analogies for explaining training skills over the long term.
  2. Does Jiu Jitsu Work In The Streets - Drew Weatherhead Brazilian Jiu Jitsu 🥋 - This is mostly funny video, but also informative - what kinds of shirts and jackets could actually be utilized in a street self-defense situation? Some get torn and others work surprisingly well.
  3. The Machinery Goes Open Beta 🏗 - I am looking forward to checking out the latest game engine tech from the team at The Machinery. I shared their great article about programming incrementally a few issues back.
  4. SSE: mind the gap! 🏎 - I haven’t worked much with SIMD instructions sets but I find articles about them very interesting. This one goes over integer operations, and is a fun read.
  5. UDP vs. TCP 🌐 - Even if you know the pros and cons of each, this article is a good refresher. If you don’t know what UDP is or why you’d use it, then I highly recommend this article as an introduction to the subject.

Questions or comments? Suggestions? Let me know! Thanks for reading and see you next week!