Welcome to Week 25!

Hey there! It’s hard to believe the newsletter has been going for 25 weeks already. If you missed any previous issues, they are all available at the archive site. As for this week, here are your links:

  1. The code behind localizing Japanese games 🇯🇵 - Localization was a topic that surprised me when I started my career in game development. Of course it makes sense, you need to have a way to support other languages. This article talks about how to patch-in localizations to existing games, and a little bit about how to do it for your own game. It’s much easier if you support it from the beginning of a project 😄.
  2. bgfx - Cross-platform rendering library 🖼 - OpenGL was supposed to be a graphics API to unite all platforms, but today we have DirectX12, Vulkan, Metal, and more. bgfx is one library that lets you write to a single renderer and can then target multiple APIs and platforms. It also has bindings to many languages!
  3. Bevy - a data-driven game engine built in Rust 🏗 - Rust popularity is growing, and some game engines are starting to appear. I haven’t tried Bevy yet but might in the future for a game jam.
  4. All about Vitamin D 💊 - Vitamin D has been in the news lately. It affects our bodies in many ways. Examine.com has a detailed page dedicated to it and related research. It’s worth learning about what you need and how your environment affects your levels.
  5. Standing Closed Guard Break, Leg Lock Escape by Marcelo Garcia 🥋 - Marcelo Garcia is a legend in BJJ. Despite his competition successes, he doesn’t do typical strength and conditioning training like most other athletes in the sport. In this video he demonstrates some techniques, and the speed and control of his movements are very impressive.

Questions or comments? Suggestions? Let me know! Thanks for reading and see you next week!