Welcome to Week 2!

How has your week been? There’s been a lot of buzz about Unreal Engine 5, but that topic is well-covered, so we’ll talk about other things 😁

  1. Manager’s Playbook 📖 - Have questions about management in tech companies? I still do. This is a great resource for everyone in the tech industry. If you aren’t a manager it will help illustrate what effective management looks like. I plan to refer back to this often.
  2. A review of Supercell in 2019 📱 - Supercell made Clash of Clans and other mobile mega-hits. Many have tried to imitate them and replicate their success. I am surprised that they are only 10 years old! In this article their CEO looks back at their achievements in 2019.
  3. Forgiveness Mechanics: Reading Minds for Responsive Gameplay 🎮 - A GDC 2020 talk that I found very useful, and finally put some names against various platformer techniques and conventions to make game controls and interactions “feel good”.
  4. Bazooka Quarantine Training #1: Shoulder Conditioning 💪 - Joseph Valtellini is a kickboxing champion, fellow 🇨🇦, and has a great YouTube channel with kickboxing techniques and workouts. This is the first of his “quarantine” series, it doesn’t require any equipment and I can attest it’s very effective!
  5. MMU gang wars: the TLB drive-by shootdown 💻 - A deep dive into the TLB, and how/why reusing memory can avoid some performance penalties associated with freeing heap memory.

Do you have any questions or comments? Let me know! Thanks for reading and talk to you next week!