Welcome to Week 19!

It’s been a smoky week in Vancouver, I hope you are staying healthy! Here are your links for this week:

  1. High Score Documentary (Netflix Series)Ā šŸŽ„ - This is a fun and short documentary series about the video game industry from its very beginning. I enjoyed it and learned a few new things as well.
  2. The Easy Ones ā€“ Three Bugs Hiding in the OpenĀ šŸ” - These are lessons in project cleanup. Not only did Bruce find bugs, but he found and fixed issues that saved a lot of money. I highly recommend his whole blog and will feature more posts in the future.
  3. Fullscreen Rotation on the SEGA Genesis? How this game does the impossibleĀ šŸŽ® - Early consoles had very limited hardware capabilities, and game developers had to come up with creative solutions. This video dives into the game Red Zone and how they managed to pull off some impressive visuals.
  4. Judo vs Jiu Jitsu Takedown by Ilias Iliadis (Olympic Judo Champion)Ā šŸ„‹ - BJJ Fanatics is a website that sells martial arts instructionals. They also post clips on their YouTube channel, including this one about a judo takedown.
  5. Indie HackersĀ šŸ’» - Indie Hackers is a social network for online entrepreneurs building small businesses. Iā€™m linking to my profile, feel free to connect to me šŸ˜„. The site has great interviews, tools for sharing your projects and progress, as well as metrics (including revenue details) from other online businesses. There is also a companion podcast that I highly recommend.

Questions or comments? Suggestions?Ā Let me know! Thanks very much for reading and see you next week!