Welcome to Week 17!

Hi! It’s September already! I hope your last third of the year is starting strong. Here are your links for this week:

  1. Interface In Game | Collection of video games UI 🖼 - This website has a collection of screenshots and videos from various games. It’s a useful resource for UI reference, and sure beats searching via Google Images! You can browse by game category, themes and platforms.
  2. Compiler Explorer ⚙️ - Ever wondered what assembly instructions your C/C++ code generates? Ever wanted to quickly check what different compilers end up generating? This web tool does exactly that. It doesn’t come up often but with this it’s a lot easier to validate.
  3. Diggin' in the Carts - A Japanese video game music documentary series 🎶 - This is a great documentary series covering video game music from arcades to home consoles. The production value is surprisingly high. I strongly recommend this series.
  4. 5 Minute Home Ab Circuit for MMA & Combat Sports | Phil Daru 💪 - Phil Daru is a strength and conditioning coach for top MMA athletes. He also somehow puts out a lot of YouTube videos. In this video he goes over two good core strength exercises, and how they benefit other movements.
  5. Matthew Walker, Ph.D., on sleep – Part I of III on the Peter Attia Drive Podcast 😴 - Matthew Walker wrote the book “Why We Sleep” and this three-part interview dives into many details. It’s fascinating and eye-opening stuff. You won’t think about sleep the same way again (it’s so very important).

Any questions or comments? Suggestions? Let me know! Thanks for reading and see you next week!