Welcome to Week 15!

Salutations! While we sit back and watch Epic duke it out with Apple and Google about Fortnite on their stores, here are your links for the week:

  1. Ludum Dare, an online game jam 🎮 - It’s one of the oldest and popular game jams. If you have an idea that matches the theme, it’s a great motivator to make something quickly and get feedback. The website has an algorithm to show your entry to more people as you provide more feedback to others. The last event in April had almost 5,000 submissions! Mine is here.
  2. 7 Tips on How to Disconnect from Work when Working Remotely‍ 🏠 - If you are lucky enough to be working remotely right now, you know it is hard to separate work and life. It takes effort, but these are helpful tips.
  3. Get The Most From Your Food 🥦 - Another article about food and digestion. Make sure you are maximizing the benefits of what you are eating.
  4. 7 Advanced Striking Set Ups & Combos 🥊 - Jeff Chan is Mixed Martial Artist and fellow 🇨🇦. He has a lot of great videos breaking down techniques and sparring sessions. This one he goes through 7 striking combos, which look like a lot of fun.
  5. Inside Rust at Embark 🦀 - Embark is a newer game studio in Sweden. They are using Rust as much as possible, despite also using Unreal Engine. Here is a look at their Rust efforts so far.

Any questions or comments? Suggestions? Let me know! Thanks for reading and see you next week!