Welcome to Week 13!

Howdy and Happy August! This edition covers a variety of topics:

  1. How to finish your side project. ✅ - This article was very helpful to me as I have struggled with this. From experience I have also found the suggestions about minimizing context switching and warming up to be very useful.
  2. Science-based nutrition & supplement information 🧪 - If you’ve ever been curious about the actual research behind health supplements, this site has a lot of information. They provide summaries as well as “consistency of research results” ratings. You can also get suggestions based on your goals. Full disclosure: this is an affiliate link. (most of the site free, so you can also just go to examine.com)
  3. Correlation Vector 🔍 - If you’ve ever debugged interactions between different back-end systems and different front-end clients, it can be very difficult. Each server and client has their own log, and figuring out the actual sequence of interactions for the system as a whole can be a lot of work, let alone using that information to understand and fix an issue. Correlation Vectors are a standard for how to log, so you can more easily combine server and client logs together to see the chain of events.
  4. How to Choose a BJJ School to Train At 🥋 - You may have several local choices, but finding a place to train can be intimidating. Stephen Kesting (a fellow 🇨🇦) shares his thoughts about how to find the right school for you. He also talks about it in an embedded video, while wearing a cool Star Trek rash guard 🖖.
  5. Memory stacks and more resizable arrays 🧱 - I couldn’t figure out how to link directly to articles on this blog, but you can find this one in the “Timeline” on the right side of the page (24 April 2015). Tom Forsyth shares notes about memory allocation approaches that I never encountered in any course, and are crucial for game code performance.

Any questions or comments? Suggestions? Let me know! Thanks for reading and talk to you next week!