Welcome to Week 10!

Wow, 10 issues already! This week the focus is on fitness. Like many others, my fitness regime has been disrupted due to COVID-19 so I am still figuring out what to do. All of these links are helping me:

  1. Bodyweight Strength Training Tutorials 💪 - If you’re good at normal push-ups and pull-ups, there are many more skills to work on that take years to develop. This set of tutorials covers one-arm chin-ups, handstands, and much more.
  2. The Super Shake Guide 🥤 - You will need to refuel from workouts, and this guide provides a good template for shakes that cover all the nutritional bases.
  3. The best way to escape side control (Lachlan Giles) 🥋 - Side control is a surprisingly difficult position to be stuck in, and this video is a great lesson on technique to escape it.
  4. Bodyweight Exercises - Circuit Training ⏱ - I used these circuits when I started my fitness journey 8 years ago, and plan to resume using them this week. They are clear and easy to follow.
  5. How To Deal With Haters 😎 - When you start improving your nutrition and fitness, or pursue any sort of self-improvement effort, you will encounter opposition. It can even come from friends or family. This article provides strategies and inspiration to keep going despite that resistance.

Do you have any questions or comments? Let me know! Thanks for reading and talk to you next week!